How I’ve visited Francis Bacon’s thoughts.

Okay, if there is something you have to know it’s that I am a huge fan of Francis Bacon. If I should describe his work I would say it’s a pretty swirl of twisted characters, abstract scenes involving his homosexuality and representations of his obvious passion for opened mouths. My favorite paintings are Bacon’s depiction of love. It’s violent, raw, and sweet and beautiful at the same time.

His art’s style was highly controversial but he’s now recognized as one of the most influent artist of the 20th century.


Francis Bacon – Three Studies of the Male Back, 1970

Francis Bacon - Head I, 1949

Francis Bacon – Head I, 1949

Study for Portrait II (after the Life Mask of William Blake) 1955 by Francis Bacon 1909-1992

 Francis Bacon – Study for Portrait II (after the Life Mask of William Blake), 1955

You can imagine my happiness when I found out that his London studio was transplanted in Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin. It took three years to transfer everything from London, where the original studio was located. They also created a few windows in the walls to permit the visitor to see the studio from different points of views.


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A meticulous work perfectly realized. Indeed, nothing has been forgotten from the walls, floorboards, celling, to all the paint cans and tubes which are scattered all over the floor, which is completely covered with newspapers, books and images.

“This is exactly the mess that he left behind,” Project manager Dr Margarita Cappock said of the re-constructed studio.

And what a mess ! There is in this studio the result of the 30 years he spent working there, until his death in 1992. The atmosphere of this place is an organized chaos and that’s why it’s impressive.

“This mess here around us is rather like my mind; it may be a good image of what goes on inside me, that’s what it’s like, my life is like that”, said Bacon.

Indeed, when I arrived in front I’ve stared into the room for at least five minutes without interruption and I felt like if I just had introduced myself in his little world full of creativity, like if this mess was nothing else than Bacon’s mind itself materialized on the floor and on the walls.. And that I was there, with the privilege to enter it. It’s a strange but enjoyable feeling.

bacon studio

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This room should be visited by all art lovers, not only the amateurs of Francis Bacon’s work. It is a rare gift to be able to enter a place so private. You know, to be in the deepest thoughts of the artist, where took place the birth of each of the artist’s masterpieces. A gift that must be received with arms wide open.


Inspiration is everything.

Each artist has inspirations.

Actually, everyone has but some are more aware about them than others.

What I like about the Tumblr platform is that it is an infinite inspiration. Everyone exposes his own so it suddenly becomes inspirations of inspirations of inspirations of… etc. I like to see this development.

That’s why I decided that today, I’m not going to talk about inspirations of others, but just going to show you a bit what are my own inspirations of the moment. Let’s say it’s quite like a little presentation of myself.


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beyond the realms

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When people talk about Christopher Nolan (and it is often the case), they usually link this producer with a lot of things but quite never with Memento.

Memen-what? is what you might be thinking right now… Aren’t you ? And it is quite outrageous but I’m going to forgive you. Firstly because this is my first post and it is, in my opinion, kind of early to already get in troubles with my readers and secondly because I used to think the same until yesterday night.

I was laying on my bed, too tired to hang out but not that much to feel asleep. Everybody knows this awkward moment you already watched the news on tv, snoped on all the profils you could on Facebook, told your 32 followers on Twitter that your apple was not really tasty today, and when your brain is obviously unable to wake up and make the dissertation you must have done for tomorrow 8am. In this situation,the best alternative always seems to be the movie.

Here we are. Memento, movie realised by Christopher Nolan in 2000. New century. New wave ? With Nolan, for sur. Brilliant.

Memento is presented as two different sequences of scenes: a series in black-and-white that are shown chronologically, and a series of color sequences shown in reverse order. Nolan chose to innove using this structure. It is a complexe film, you must keep your eyes glued to the screen to understand the whole story but it’s worth it.

Leonard Shelby is a man whose ability to make new memories is damaged after having confronted two people who were killing his life. He devotes his life to finding and killing the attacker… The thing is that with his short-term memory destroyed he’s unable to retain any new information, and must take some notes and polaroid photographs in order to keep track of what happens to him over the course of a day… He has even tattooed himself with a few crucial bits of information he can’t get along without (but don’t worry, it is not a vapid version of Prison Break !).

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What is really interesting with this movie is that it is only the second film by Nolan but we already can find all the elements that characterize his style. For example, the treatment of a character tortured by his inner demons found later in the movie Inception. And if Memento is not well known by people around me, I’ve been reassured when I saw it is at less recognized by the profession. Indeed, Memento got numerous honors (including Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations for Best Original Screenplay).

For the rest, I will just advice you there is at the moment a promotion about popcorn in all the spar shops. Enjoy !