Miles Davis is in my baggage.

Hi to all, I’m leaving for the week-end. Destination ? Galway.


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Taking a breath of fresh air will do me good, and while talking about great air breath, I suggest you listen or re-listen Nuit sur les Champs-Elysees which is in my opinion the best song ever from Miles Davis. 


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He composed this song for the film Elevator to the gallows (Ascenseur pour l’échafaud), realized in 1958 by Louis Malle, who is a french director. What’s crazy is that the American jazz instrumentist has no written score before recording the song. Indeed, he just looked at the images of the movie which were scrolled in front of him and improvised the song while watching those scenes. He has played trumpet in a total improvisation, with as only inspiration the images he was watching. An incredible perfomance.

He crosses the range at full speed, a fury that gives a tragic atmosphere to the movie which would be, without Miles Davis’ compositions, a bit trite for my taste.

I don’t know what would be my life without Miles Davis’ music. I can’t wait to be in the bus to listen to him while I would be watching some beautiful Irish countryside passing over.


Let Lucy rock your dressing

“To create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where customers can have fun, find wonderful and affordable clothes to love and lovely people to chat to.”
This is the description of Lucy’s lounge by the owners of the place. And what a perfect description !
Lucy’s lounge is second hand and vintage clothes shop located in the heart of Temple Bar. Earlier this month, I came across this little gem by chance. I was with a friend from France who came to visit me.
We are two great lovers of vintage and kitsch stuff so when we saw those building walls painted pink and purple this directly have caught our eyes. Getting closer, we found a stroller not very common…


The most kitsch stroller ever seen and a panel indicating “vintage” at the door, it was enough to decide to enter the shop. The ground floor belongs to Se Si brand, separated by a floor from Lucy’s lounge but it’s in the same spirit as Lucy’s Lounge apart the fact that they seem more interested in jewelry.

Besides, I had a crush with a part of the store where we can find mixed rings that represent scrabble’s keys and even some representing keystrokes. No kidding, it must be my geek side who comes out… Even though the only game I know of is World of Warcraft and it is only because my classmate was always talking about that (and as I was bored in math I was listening to him).


However, this is only when I went downstairs that I started building castles in the air, with the idea of moving to this place and live there for the rest of my life as the shop is awesome. You’re not even in the basement that the stairs already make you feel in the garage-sale atmosphere.


Everyone can find his little paradise in this place. It goes from some wedding dress, roller skates and old comic strips to eccentric and rare dresses from the sixties, until the thick sweaters that your grandma has stopped to knit (to your greatest misfortune). Oh I was forgetting that for the most nostalgic of you know there is also a bowl full of yo-yos!

Moreover, in most of thrift stores of Dublin we have to deal with exorbitant prices (I’ve already seen some basic sweaters at 40 euros) but at Lucy’s Lounge everything is affordable and in very good conditions, it’s the good place to make great buisness. In addition, the owner of the shop is so lovely. We can see she truly loves vintage and wants to help you to find the piece which will suit you the best.

For those who are not fond of vintage, do not leave this page so fast! Indeed, there is also a part of the store dedicated to the new emerging designers.







If you are still not convinced, I think you should go at least for the place in itself. All objects you can see are wonderful knick knacks which seem to have been all freshly hunted around the best flea market ever.

Sometimes I don’t know what is to sell and what is only adornment and this, it’s well worth a visit.






All pictures are mine.

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When Gaga shakes her cake

One is a renowned photographer, the other a revered singer and both have been able to impose their style.

Terry Richardson is famous in the fashion world. He’s the one who catch spontaneous moments, and all this in very simple funds (often white) and with an harsh light. Offbeat.

Among its earlier models we can quote some big names as Kate Moss and Jamie Hince (he was one of the guests of their wedding) but also Amy Winehouse, Jared Leto, Alexander Wang, Lil Wayne, Freja Beha

We love or we hate Richardson but we all must admit he manage to shoot all the it-girls and boys from all around the world.


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As for Lady Gaga, we no longer need to introduce the biggest pop star of this decade. The girl with the dress of meat whose each new song makes people gossip about her. As Richardson, people love or hate her but one thing is sure : everybody knows her…

It seems that these two characters have found their alter-ego so when Terry Richardson and Lady Gaga meet, everyone expects something big!


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Their first collaboration took place in November 2011 with the book Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson, a book in which Richardson presents 350 photographs after a 10-month immersion in the daily life of the singer (urinating, singing, taking a shower, seating in a garbage can…). Obviously, each book priced 30 euros have been successfully sold.

gaga terry

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gaga terr

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One year later, the two most eccentrics artists of the moment decided to work on a new project together.

Richardson is not only a photographer, he’s also a videographer… So why not try to do a film project as everybody knows Gaga looks COMPLETELY relax in front of the camera…

The idea came to Richardson in September when the producer of Born This Way’s album tweeted to the world :

“I just made this TRAP s—, so I am going to put it on my soundcloud. Then I am going to give everyone a couple hrs to make a song… You send it back to me and I will put the best one back out for everyone to hear… What do you think?…You take your computer and rap into it, and I will put out the best one! You all have garage band no? Me and @TaraSavelo are going to judge. Extra bonus points for whoever writes a song about @ladygaga”

As soon as he received the song he was waiting for, he submitted it to Gaga. The song was uploaded in sound cloud, named under the title “Trap AKA Cake” with a description “Cake like Lady Gaga”. The singer who is perfomed the song during some of their shows and the phenomena around Cake Gaga turned on. That’s it. Power of internet.

The full image moving project is not over but we already can find two teasers on Youtube.

The first one shows Gaga in underwear fluttering in a pile of cake in rhythm with the song and ending topless and wearing a transparent string in a bath. The second is not very different, except perhaps there is less cake and Lady Gaga is a little less bare at times … In short, two trailers quite predictable and not very innovative.

At least, the title displayed LADY GAGA XX TERRY RICHARDSON is well found.

Still, I’m waiting for the final result, which hopefully will expresses more than the impression of an amateur obscene video taken in an hostel…

The Basquiat’s supreme featuring

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Everytime I see this picture it makes me dream, look how it perfectly represents the person who seemed to be Jean-Michel Basquiat. He was a street artist that started in New York in the late 1970’s and evolved between neo-expressionism and primitivism. He managed to mix poetry, drawing and painting. Indeed, there is a fusion between text and image in his works that is really particular.

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When Basquiat was alive, he was friend with some of the most notables artists as Andy Warhol, but his own art was not that famous. Yet, like a lot of artists we can notice a renewed-interest for his work since his death and this, in all areas ! Actually, we can find books about him, movies, documentaries and for the most coquettish ones… Fake nails with reproductions of his paintings ! Yay, Jean-Michel Basquiat is everywhere, even in the strangest collaborations and I’ve always been really happy with it because he completely deserves it. However, my gladness left as quickly as it came when I saw that :

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In 2010, it was the turn of Rebook. The famous brand of sneakers decided to make a tribute to Basquiat for a Winter limited collection and oh god, the reebok stuff was so distasteful. Really, to make some ugly sneakers for running, write Basquiat on it and saying it’s a tribute ? Please. I can’t see any tribute to any form of art in that. When I saw this featuring I thought Basquiat should never be next to Rebook or any other brand ever.

Of course, brands have been continuing to want Basquiat next to them. Fortunately the last one is a brand I appreciate a lot.

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Supreme is also a streetwear brand but surely more corresponding to the idea of the art of Basquiat, which is a good news because they confirmed they have now the rights to use the imagery of the artist for a new line… T-shirts, sweatshirts, button-downs and hats will be released in Spring/Summer 2013.

Stay tuned, we just have to wait few months and in 2013, we’ll (hopefully) hang out in style !

Time to prowl !

Prowlster is LIVE !

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If you still don’t know this new online magazine based on fashion and lifestyle, you will not delay to know it because this website is amazing and innovative. There are a lot of online magazine but I want you to answer this : Have you ever wanted to buy something while surfing through a magazine ? And do you remember how it is boring (and sometimes difficult!) to find this item you could die for on internet ? Well, Prowlster is the solution to all your troubles about it because the little genius who created this website have thought to insert a function permitting the lector to buy the item he wants to just by clicking on it, no kidding ! Finally, Prowlster make all the hard work for us, when clicking, it directly redirect us to the purchase page of the desired product. And tadaaa the shoes of your dreams are within your reach (with sometimes great promotions on them!). Magic, isn’t it ?

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And if it is not surprising this site promises to be so nice, it’s because these geniuses are not novices in the field. In fact, the McGinn sisters who are the head of Prowlster are also already working for another website : What Will I Wear Today. It is also a fashion and lifestyle magazine but the McGinn sisters by creating Prowlster wanted to go further and make something new with this new function.

I realized there is not enough creative things happening in Dublin, which is why I think this magazine is a great idea because in addition to the buy it now function, Prowlster is not only interested in Fashion in the countries famous for that. I mean there are also a lot of good plans on what is going on in Ireland. It’s still in Beta at the moment but if you take a look at the website you’ll already notice the team make us discover Irish people with fresh and edgy ideas. There are a lot of contributors and bloggers who are covering topics that can go from great Irish electronic producers,  through the best places to shop in Dublin until even posts including Streetstyle pictures taken all around the country ! All that is made in a platform with a cute design and a charming read.

As you might have understand, I love discovering new things, which fits well with this site… And do you know what’s the best about all this ? I’m involved into Prowlster, and so glad to be a part of the adventure !

For all these reasons, you should take a look at this website and tell me know how it goes. Then, if you like it, you can receive news feeds from the magazine everyday through Twitter or Facebook.

So, wanna start prowling ?

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A psychedelic journey

There is always a risk between first and second album. Especially when the first album is very good, I’m afraid to be disappointed but at the same time the excitement is endless. This is the feeling I had with Lonerism, the new album of Tame Impala.

They announced they had already completed the second album when the first came out. In general it is a bad sign, you know, hyperactivity. In the end, we do not know why but two years elapsed before the cd to be in stores.

When I was about to forget a bit my love for them because of my Beach Fossil‘s period, Lonerism’s trailer have been posted on Youtube.

This video is the perfect one to present Tame Impala’s universe. Kevin Parker, the leader of the group who seems completely lost but also the merger, lot of fusion. Afterwards this discovery I remembered how much I was in love with the band and spent my summer watching interviews and live versions of songs that I knew by heart … Until the release of Lonerism that crashed into my face like a missile, a missile worthy of World War II.

An album which is a continuation of Innespeaker with the same influences from The Beatles on Like We Only Go Backwards to Animal Collective on Elephant. Some people will say they are getting too comfortable with their success but I would rather say we never change a winning team. We recognize Tame Impala’s style but this is even better than the first album.

I feel like if there is a thousand and one song at the same time. It is more tortured, more confused but also full of details that teem everywhere.

With title songs such as Apocalypse dreams, Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control, the group seems to send us the perfect BO of a deposed youth, while maintaining a colorful brit-pop aspect.

The second song of the record is called Endors toi (tribute to Parker last year spent in Paris). That means “Feel asleep” and it’s without difficulty that we accept this order. Guitars are so beautiful that they tear your heart. Then, a mysterious voice emerges from the vortex in which we fell in and we let ourselves carried away in a bright melancholy. Parker doesn’t know what to think, feels inpuissant faced with a world in perpetual change… What we can understand.

At the end of the day, each song stands out and has a particular function in this beautiful psychedelic journey of 51 minutes called Lonerism… To the point that I wonder if Kevin Parker recorded some subliminal messages so that we all love his album.

So yeah, we have languished for a while but it was worth it.


When kitsch becomes trendy

Now that Azealia Banks and Rihanna have appropriated this graphic universe, it’s time to clarify things : What is Seapunk ?

A little return to the roots is necessary to understand the phenomenon. Something easy because this artistic movement was born on the Internet, a place where you can find all the archives. On June 1, 2011, @LILINTERNET posted on Twitter:

tweet lil internet

This simple message has spawned an hashtag and afterwards to an artistic movement : #seapunk. 

However, the real father of Seapunk is definitely Tumblr.

Three years ago, a large platform called Tumblr began to be flooded with psychedelic images and gifs with sea creatures (dolphins, shellfish …) but also many fluorescent objects, outmoded clothes, religious symbols, smileys, bleached colors, geometric shapes, oriental graphism and an aesthetic coming from the 90s. All wrapped in montages created with shoestring (Webcam, Paint and a basic use of Photoshop…)


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seapunk montagee

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It stings your eyes, isn’t it ? Aesthetically, the movement is directly recognizable and seems to belong to a kind of new Soft Grunge.

Seapunk movement has no sense or any reason to defend. It’s rather a huge moodboard from 2.0 generation which spreads through fashion, graphics, and music.

For me it was only a “Tumblr” movement but I realized that the phenomenon had reached its peak on internet when it became a meme.
Indeed, many pop stars have recently blatantly used some seapunk graphics for their new productions. We have noticed Azealia Banks in her Atlantis clip who was wearing a crustaceans bra while waddling on a dolphin in front of a virtual ocean.

Then, it was Rihanna’s turn who sang her new song Diamonds in the middle of a seapunk decoration on Saturday Night Live.

The graphics used in the screens of Rihanna’s performance are clearly based on the work of the video artist Jerome from LOL Boys who belongs the seapunk movement.

The creator of LOL Boys and others founders of the movement have quickly expressed their dissatisfaction and their anger on the social networks because they know that from the moment a pop star like Rihanna is seen in this universe (which was unknown by the large public before), most of the people are going to think seapunk belongs to Rihanna, it will be popularized and will lose its original idea.

But like all phenomenas born on internet, this situation was expected and now that the seapunk movement is taking another form, all the people who once dreamed of a leather jacket with barnacles instead of the studs will soon have to find a new wardrobe…