Wait ! Your rubbish might be a masterpiece…

Tim Noble and Sue Webster are two English artists who recycled our rubbish, then have made a work of ​​art with those and nobody noticed anything. It will serve me as a lesson, those days when I’m too lazy to take out the trash…


photo credit

Both artists have confronted and explored the contrast between what we call “Beauty” and our tastes, what we usually consider like disgusting. Indeed, who would think of rummaging through his own trash to find something which could create a nice piece of work?

Yet, most of their best pieces are made this way, with rubbish. Indeed, they began to build piles of rubbish as well as animal’s corpses. Afterwards, with the use of a light’s projectors system have managed to create some beautiful, sometimes even romantic images with the shadow of these piles.

To get this final result, of an image on the shadow which is completely different from reality, they have been working for months on the perspective of each pile. Actually we can’t see the work of the two artists at first sight, it is only their shadow, projected on a white wall a certain angle that reveals it all.

At the end, each pile of pointless objects brings us face to a new daily life scene. Sometimes funny, sometimes tenderizing… and always eloquent.


photo credit


photo credit


photo credit


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