My name is Elodie, I’m from Paris and I just turned eighteen. If it was possible I would spend all my life eating oreos while looking at scretchbooks on tumblr but it is not. At the moment I’m in Dublin where I’m staying for the next year, to drink litres of black beer, meet cool ginger people, begin a collection of umbrellas (and I suppose also improving my english and studying journalism) For me, happiness can be described in walking down the street in the cold winter with a big scarf around my neck and music in my ears. I love music, and gigs. During the concerts I take pictures. Let’s say you will never see me with a purse because I always bring my camera with me. Also, I’m one of those strange people who like to go to the cinema alone on a Sunday morning or stop in front of an art gallery and enjoy the current exhibition. Then I come home and turn on my PC. I love digital media, everything happens on internet and I must admit that I am totally involved in 2.0 generation.

You can now guess the stuff you will read in my blog is about lifestyle, music, cinema, photography, or art in general. I hope my discoveries will become yours.


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