Claude VonStroke makes Dublin bounce

The one who doesn’t need anymore presentation in the world of house music decided to return to Irish sides last month, after a lengthy absence of two years.

Claude VonStroke

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Native of suburban Detroit, Claude VonStroke is a producer and dj who leads two labels, Dirty Bird and Mothership. He became known in 2005 with a real bomb,”Deep Throat”, a masterpiece which was at this time a real air breath in this stifling music scene. Indeed, electronic music was becoming more and more boring and this was due to a new scene of failing djs who started buying turntables at 200 euros and proclaiming themselves involved into minimal / new wave whereas they were only introducing two poor beats in each of their whole sets.

The secret of VonStroke is that his music is all but boring. Fun is besides the word that comes up most often in his interviews, he often says that when he plays he just wants to see people enjoying themselves. And isn’t it why we like to go clubbing? To listen to music that make us move our butts and leaves us at the end of with a big smile during all the way back home ? Thinking “Damn, I really had a good time”.

It’s not the first time he plays at the Button Factory, but as everyone remembered his last sets which have made everyone bounce in rythm, the artist was eagerly awaited by all the kids of electronic music.

clo bf

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11.00pm, I enter the Button Factory. The first part of the night is given to Lorcan Mak, a young Irish man studying Graphism and huge fan of electronic music.

11.25pm : The club is quiet but fills slowly as I sip my drink. I must admit I am amazingly astonished by the quality of Mak’s set. His personals compositions are a bit repetitive but quite interesting and his remixes the evidence of his sharp tastes in music.

11.51pm : For god’s sake, I have to pee… What I’m going to regret because the queue is always long in nightclubs…

00.20am : Aye! I’m back to the dancefloor and it looks like Claude VonStroke made his grand entrance while I was in the toilet. It’s incredible to see how the number of people has doubled in 30 minutes. I try as best I can to direct me to the front of the stage. Thanks to my small size, it works. That’s it, now I can fill my ears with good vibes. The atmosphere is great with the spot lights and lasers and I can clearly feel the outbreak of hysteria for the crowd during the progression between Beat that bird and Paranoid.

00.35am : We’re all crazy, I wonder what is going to be when he will start The Whistler (one of his most famous song).

01.25am : Claude looks so friendly ! It’s horrible to say but it’s true that usually it’s rare to see a Dj looking happy to play. Obviously, I don’t ask them to stop every five minutes to ask us how it goes, but a small interaction with the public, for example, it’s always a pleasure. CVS has this gift.

02.10am : I’m surprised by the content of the set. Quite all the songs comes from his new album. He’s jolting the crowd a rather different way this time. It’s weird, but not the pejorative side of the word. It’s just new. Different. Also, he plays many unpublished remixes. I think it’s his performance only versions.

02.27am : This one is sick, sounds more dubstep than the others but we still can recognize VonStroke’s style by the way he has to experiment the sounds of human voices in his mixes.

03.00am : What’s going on ? The lights already come on ?

clo bfff

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Once again,  Claude VonStroke showed the power of his talent and thrilled the audience,  I noticed that because we all shared the same feeling when the lights went on. You know, this strange feeling which is much the same as when we leave the cinema and we no longer know what we should do, who we should be in this world because we just came out from an other one. This is it.

Claude VonStroke has exhilarated Ireland and I am already and definitely looking forward for his next visit.