Banksy’ successor is on his way !

Banksy, you should be careful, your successor is on his way !

Indeed, I just discovered one of the best street artist I’ve ever seen. Remember this name : Smug One. Australian-born, he moved to Glasgow a few years ago, a city where all the walls he touches become amazing.


smug one


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Smug has his own style which is very realistic and particular, sometimes at the limit of optical illusion. This type of work, called anamorphic art is a technique that uses mathematical continuation of perspective to give the illusion of depth and of three-dimensionality to the surface worked on. His color gradients and surreal hints are awesome. Also he spends a lot of time on every details, leaves nothing to chance to reach a kind of perction. This artist seems to have reached a new gear of awesomness in Street Art.

He works on very large areas (sometimes 10m x 10m) and creates impressive work on a large choice of subjects. Human body (Especially women), babies, famous characters, and humorous scenes are his favorite themes. It goes without saying that his mastery of painting (all entirely realized with spray) is amazing, the walls actually look like paintings. Thus, he gives a life to his characters.

The result is crazy. Here are some of his art work, just for the pleasure of your eyes…

smg on


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smug onee

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Let Lucy rock your dressing

“To create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where customers can have fun, find wonderful and affordable clothes to love and lovely people to chat to.”
This is the description of Lucy’s lounge by the owners of the place. And what a perfect description !
Lucy’s lounge is second hand and vintage clothes shop located in the heart of Temple Bar. Earlier this month, I came across this little gem by chance. I was with a friend from France who came to visit me.
We are two great lovers of vintage and kitsch stuff so when we saw those building walls painted pink and purple this directly have caught our eyes. Getting closer, we found a stroller not very common…


The most kitsch stroller ever seen and a panel indicating “vintage” at the door, it was enough to decide to enter the shop. The ground floor belongs to Se Si brand, separated by a floor from Lucy’s lounge but it’s in the same spirit as Lucy’s Lounge apart the fact that they seem more interested in jewelry.

Besides, I had a crush with a part of the store where we can find mixed rings that represent scrabble’s keys and even some representing keystrokes. No kidding, it must be my geek side who comes out… Even though the only game I know of is World of Warcraft and it is only because my classmate was always talking about that (and as I was bored in math I was listening to him).


However, this is only when I went downstairs that I started building castles in the air, with the idea of moving to this place and live there for the rest of my life as the shop is awesome. You’re not even in the basement that the stairs already make you feel in the garage-sale atmosphere.


Everyone can find his little paradise in this place. It goes from some wedding dress, roller skates and old comic strips to eccentric and rare dresses from the sixties, until the thick sweaters that your grandma has stopped to knit (to your greatest misfortune). Oh I was forgetting that for the most nostalgic of you know there is also a bowl full of yo-yos!

Moreover, in most of thrift stores of Dublin we have to deal with exorbitant prices (I’ve already seen some basic sweaters at 40 euros) but at Lucy’s Lounge everything is affordable and in very good conditions, it’s the good place to make great buisness. In addition, the owner of the shop is so lovely. We can see she truly loves vintage and wants to help you to find the piece which will suit you the best.

For those who are not fond of vintage, do not leave this page so fast! Indeed, there is also a part of the store dedicated to the new emerging designers.







If you are still not convinced, I think you should go at least for the place in itself. All objects you can see are wonderful knick knacks which seem to have been all freshly hunted around the best flea market ever.

Sometimes I don’t know what is to sell and what is only adornment and this, it’s well worth a visit.






All pictures are mine.

Lucy’s Lounge11 fownes street templebarDublinIE.

Time to prowl !

Prowlster is LIVE !

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If you still don’t know this new online magazine based on fashion and lifestyle, you will not delay to know it because this website is amazing and innovative. There are a lot of online magazine but I want you to answer this : Have you ever wanted to buy something while surfing through a magazine ? And do you remember how it is boring (and sometimes difficult!) to find this item you could die for on internet ? Well, Prowlster is the solution to all your troubles about it because the little genius who created this website have thought to insert a function permitting the lector to buy the item he wants to just by clicking on it, no kidding ! Finally, Prowlster make all the hard work for us, when clicking, it directly redirect us to the purchase page of the desired product. And tadaaa the shoes of your dreams are within your reach (with sometimes great promotions on them!). Magic, isn’t it ?

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And if it is not surprising this site promises to be so nice, it’s because these geniuses are not novices in the field. In fact, the McGinn sisters who are the head of Prowlster are also already working for another website : What Will I Wear Today. It is also a fashion and lifestyle magazine but the McGinn sisters by creating Prowlster wanted to go further and make something new with this new function.

I realized there is not enough creative things happening in Dublin, which is why I think this magazine is a great idea because in addition to the buy it now function, Prowlster is not only interested in Fashion in the countries famous for that. I mean there are also a lot of good plans on what is going on in Ireland. It’s still in Beta at the moment but if you take a look at the website you’ll already notice the team make us discover Irish people with fresh and edgy ideas. There are a lot of contributors and bloggers who are covering topics that can go from great Irish electronic producers,  through the best places to shop in Dublin until even posts including Streetstyle pictures taken all around the country ! All that is made in a platform with a cute design and a charming read.

As you might have understand, I love discovering new things, which fits well with this site… And do you know what’s the best about all this ? I’m involved into Prowlster, and so glad to be a part of the adventure !

For all these reasons, you should take a look at this website and tell me know how it goes. Then, if you like it, you can receive news feeds from the magazine everyday through Twitter or Facebook.

So, wanna start prowling ?

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When kitsch becomes trendy

Now that Azealia Banks and Rihanna have appropriated this graphic universe, it’s time to clarify things : What is Seapunk ?

A little return to the roots is necessary to understand the phenomenon. Something easy because this artistic movement was born on the Internet, a place where you can find all the archives. On June 1, 2011, @LILINTERNET posted on Twitter:

tweet lil internet

This simple message has spawned an hashtag and afterwards to an artistic movement : #seapunk. 

However, the real father of Seapunk is definitely Tumblr.

Three years ago, a large platform called Tumblr began to be flooded with psychedelic images and gifs with sea creatures (dolphins, shellfish …) but also many fluorescent objects, outmoded clothes, religious symbols, smileys, bleached colors, geometric shapes, oriental graphism and an aesthetic coming from the 90s. All wrapped in montages created with shoestring (Webcam, Paint and a basic use of Photoshop…)


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seapunk montagee

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It stings your eyes, isn’t it ? Aesthetically, the movement is directly recognizable and seems to belong to a kind of new Soft Grunge.

Seapunk movement has no sense or any reason to defend. It’s rather a huge moodboard from 2.0 generation which spreads through fashion, graphics, and music.

For me it was only a “Tumblr” movement but I realized that the phenomenon had reached its peak on internet when it became a meme.
Indeed, many pop stars have recently blatantly used some seapunk graphics for their new productions. We have noticed Azealia Banks in her Atlantis clip who was wearing a crustaceans bra while waddling on a dolphin in front of a virtual ocean.

Then, it was Rihanna’s turn who sang her new song Diamonds in the middle of a seapunk decoration on Saturday Night Live.

The graphics used in the screens of Rihanna’s performance are clearly based on the work of the video artist Jerome from LOL Boys who belongs the seapunk movement.

The creator of LOL Boys and others founders of the movement have quickly expressed their dissatisfaction and their anger on the social networks because they know that from the moment a pop star like Rihanna is seen in this universe (which was unknown by the large public before), most of the people are going to think seapunk belongs to Rihanna, it will be popularized and will lose its original idea.

But like all phenomenas born on internet, this situation was expected and now that the seapunk movement is taking another form, all the people who once dreamed of a leather jacket with barnacles instead of the studs will soon have to find a new wardrobe…


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When people talk about Christopher Nolan (and it is often the case), they usually link this producer with a lot of things but quite never with Memento.

Memen-what? is what you might be thinking right now… Aren’t you ? And it is quite outrageous but I’m going to forgive you. Firstly because this is my first post and it is, in my opinion, kind of early to already get in troubles with my readers and secondly because I used to think the same until yesterday night.

I was laying on my bed, too tired to hang out but not that much to feel asleep. Everybody knows this awkward moment you already watched the news on tv, snoped on all the profils you could on Facebook, told your 32 followers on Twitter that your apple was not really tasty today, and when your brain is obviously unable to wake up and make the dissertation you must have done for tomorrow 8am. In this situation,the best alternative always seems to be the movie.

Here we are. Memento, movie realised by Christopher Nolan in 2000. New century. New wave ? With Nolan, for sur. Brilliant.

Memento is presented as two different sequences of scenes: a series in black-and-white that are shown chronologically, and a series of color sequences shown in reverse order. Nolan chose to innove using this structure. It is a complexe film, you must keep your eyes glued to the screen to understand the whole story but it’s worth it.

Leonard Shelby is a man whose ability to make new memories is damaged after having confronted two people who were killing his life. He devotes his life to finding and killing the attacker… The thing is that with his short-term memory destroyed he’s unable to retain any new information, and must take some notes and polaroid photographs in order to keep track of what happens to him over the course of a day… He has even tattooed himself with a few crucial bits of information he can’t get along without (but don’t worry, it is not a vapid version of Prison Break !).

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What is really interesting with this movie is that it is only the second film by Nolan but we already can find all the elements that characterize his style. For example, the treatment of a character tortured by his inner demons found later in the movie Inception. And if Memento is not well known by people around me, I’ve been reassured when I saw it is at less recognized by the profession. Indeed, Memento got numerous honors (including Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations for Best Original Screenplay).

For the rest, I will just advice you there is at the moment a promotion about popcorn in all the spar shops. Enjoy !