Diego Gravinese made my day. Maybe my life.


Really, this discovery… I think I just felt in love for my whole life.


Everything is alright. Now, look carefully at the next ones…



Welcome in the world of Diego Gravinese. An Argentinian and phenomenal artist using nothing else than oil and acrylic to realize these amazing hyperreal canvas, which looks furiously like photographs. His work has been shown in all the world over the past 15 years. Among its destinations : New York, Paris, Madrid, Turin, Buenos Aires, Chicago and Los Angeles.

However, there has been much debate on his work and changing of photographs into paintings because some people think his work is nothing but a proof of his technical skills and can’t be considered like Art. You can guess I don’t agree with those people.

His works are highly detailed, and I’m crazy about the way he inserts highlights as if the entire environment as well as the subjects he paints are lit up. His work is so realistic, but we can see that still, he has mad painting skills. This is the nuance, and it’s freaking brilliant. Also, he often brings subtle hints of bizarre in the usual scenes of the life of his characters.


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For example, this painting shows us a couple in the bed of their room, but where some different color crystals are growing up out of the floor and ceiling, also we can identify a red fish in one of the crystal. The subjects of his paintings are always very interesting, most of the time moving, living a moment we could spend hours thinking about, it seems Diego Gravinese offers us small pieces of life through his paintings, and just let our imagination traveling across them.

Sometimes words are not powerful enough to transmit feelings.

I would just advise you to take a look at his work : http://www.diegogravinese.com/


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diego chinoise

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diego chinoise 2

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Joe Fenton spent 10 months on a single drawing

Why try to use computer technology when we know amazingly illustrate with a pencil ? 

Joe Fenton is an illustrator/writer/sculptor/designer from Brooklyn. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture from the Wimbledon Art School. Impressive, isn’t it ? But today, it’s on his drawings I want to focus because they are completely crazy (even if he has been drawing for two years only!)

With a 0.5 mechanical pen, the artist creates works on which you can spend a lot of time to see all the details.

joe fenton

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In addition to his talent for drawing, it seems that his imagination can’t fit in a basic paper size. Last year, Fenton has engaged himself in a huge project. Joe Fenton worked ten hours a day, seven days a week for ten months for a single drawing, A drawing which extends on a five metre tall and 2.5 metre piece of paper. And all this with the only use of his pen. You said insane ? I would rather say ambitious and talented. However, it’s true that it’s hard to imagine how this artist has been so patient…


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To arrive to this final art work, Fenton has first worked on each element of the drawing on a small scale, afterwards he pieced all images together like a puzzle by tracking his line drawings into the final piece of paper. Then, he completed the drawing with acrylic and ink.

The artist said that his surrealist inspirations come from the 15th century (with Hieronymus Bosch) but personally, the fantastic and dark side of his work made me directly think to the style of Todd Schorr.

The main theme of his project is his constant fear of death and all the unknown things which are all around us. That’s why that even if he doesn’t believe to any religion, Joe Fenton wanted to include a lot of religious symbols for experimenting what it could offers to his project. Thus, you can find in the drawing some symbols as a ganesh-like character, a grinning buddha or a crucifix… Concerning the rest of his work he has been mostly inspired by asian mythology, northern renaissance art and contemporary pop culture. However, there are also a lot of details for which I still don’t understand the meaning, maybe you will !

Anyway, “SOLITUDE” is the name of the project and it’s seriously the most amazing drawing I’ve ever seen.

(as you can see below)

solitude final work

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