When I open my eyes…

Are you part of those people who, every new day, when opening their eyes are face to a large immensity such as this one?


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Wout berger is one of those lucky people. This artist comes from a small town of Uitdam. He has been a photographer for 35 years, he always has been interested in landscapes but in 35 years, this is the first time the photographer stops on the one which is yet in its scope since he was born: IJssel lake; IJsselmeer het, a lake he has a view from his house.

Berger took a lot of pictures of this lake, always from exactly the same view point. To be honest, there are 60 pictures in the series. Sixty pictures of the exactly same landscape, from the exactly same view point. I already can hear you saying “What’s the artistic point about that? Sixty pictures of a lake ? Come on.” Well, all the interest of his project “When I open my eyes” lies in this quote from the artist :

“In the morning, when I open my eyes, the first thing I look at is the IJsselmeer and the light: always the same, always different.”, said the artist.


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First, it means Wout Berger lives in the subject of his project, the immersion is total and this, since 35 years. In a sense, he sees this lake looking always the same way because it’s nothing else than a lake. Infinity of water… but it also means that his vision of the landscape has changed over time. He explains in his book that he had at first this reflex of the artist looking for an interest in Beauty. He was first tried to find an “aesthetic” aspect to this landscape. Differences among the images are small so he was happy when, for example, had the view of lake with a boat which was passing by…

With a subject which was always the same… But soon, he realized that some sides of this landscape : waves, horizon, sun, patches of fog, clouds… were useful because the proof of a transition. The subject changed and is now, not more about aesthetic.

“I want to photograph wind, light—elements that we know only by their manifestations. You don’t see the wind; you see a wave. You don’t see light; you see the cloud that catches light.”, said the photographer.

This is it. The subject changed and the interest is not anymore in each picture, but in the differences among the photographs.

With this project, he wanted to reach what is physically impossible to achieve, but what we can perceive in the course of the 60 photos. You still with me? The lake remains the same but other factors such as the weather, for example, will modify the original landscape as it will be reflected in the water.

The idea of this project is so meaningful. I’m very sad because the exhibition ends in January and is in Tillburg so I can’t go… I will just staying there, watching the pictures, trying to imagine how it could be wonderful to watch it in a the large format.


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The world upside down

‘Rooftopping’, the phenomenon growing in all the towns where skyscrapers are a part of the landscape. Indeed, the rooftoppers climb to the top of tall buildings, their camera hanging around their neck, to obtain the perfect picture. Obviously, this love of the artistic vertigo is only reserved to the ones who are not scared of heights…

This man is Tom Ryaboi and he’s the one who became in a few months the pionner of the movement. He was addict to photography and once, while walking in the streets he came across a construction site, nobody seemed to be there so he just climbed until what became is life.

This is the picture he took on that day, but this one was not a photo like the others, great because of a good photographic technique. It was more than that like Ryaboi explains it: “It wasn’t something you just did on the weekends, it was your life. Every building I walked by was now a potential target. I was sizing up the elevators, fire escapes, security, entrances and exits everywhere I went. Even in my sleep I was dreaming of roofs.”

His hometown, Toronto, was perfect for Rooftopping so he kept going.

Obviously and it was to be expected, Ryaboi has influenced a lot of people who found amazing the link we could make between Art and Adrenaline. They now take risks every day because besides of the dizzy heights to be reached, it goes without saying that it is clearly forbidden from entering unknown roofs of buildings. However they do, to hopefully get the picture which will be above all the rest.

Beyond the debate of the dangers of this activity, no one can deny that the result is incredible and stunning. The last project of Tom Ryaboi have been this time-lapse video which is I think, better than words to show it. How Rooftopping can bring us a new perspective of the city.

Inspiration is everything.

Each artist has inspirations.

Actually, everyone has but some are more aware about them than others.

What I like about the Tumblr platform is that it is an infinite inspiration. Everyone exposes his own so it suddenly becomes inspirations of inspirations of inspirations of… etc. I like to see this development.

That’s why I decided that today, I’m not going to talk about inspirations of others, but just going to show you a bit what are my own inspirations of the moment. Let’s say it’s quite like a little presentation of myself.


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beyond the realms

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