Brick Lane, a fashion cocktail

One week ago, I decided to take a little break for a few days in one of the most stimulating city of the world… London, obviously. I found out this singular place which is a little gem hidden.

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Among all its facets, Brick Lane is a neighborhood very focused on fashion. Indeed, Brick Lane is one of the top place for fashion in London. Today, the neighborhood is known for its vintage shops and small designers.

In the streets there are many thrift stores, such as Absolute Vintage, a large vintage frippery located at 15 Hanbury Street. Inside there is a bit of everything: colorful shirts, psychedelic pants, tailors, but especially a lot of shoes ( boots, pumps, high heels, sandals…), bags and purses, all more unique and original than the others.


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There is something for all tastes. It’s difficult to find elsewhere what we bought here. Objects are unique. The sellers are very nice, welcoming and known how to advise. In the same area other stores are veritable treasure cave: for example the Shop 72, which presents the creations of independent designers.

But the shops does’nt make everything, the best show is in the street. People of all ages, all nationalities are walking and have in common their styles, or rather madness and originality of their outfits. Sometimes we can wonder how it’s possible to find that kind of clothes really implausible.

Styles are very differents, it’s very inspiring. It’s like a live performance, a constant parade, a fashion show. It’s easy to get into this special atmosphere of madness and extravagance.

In London and especially in Birck Lane, it’s possible to wear anything and everything without being stared by passers. People are free to be who they want, young or old, from any country, and let freedom at their imagination and their appareance. Fashion is not only material in Brick Lane, it also has a share of tolerance and freedom.


The Basquiat’s supreme featuring

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Everytime I see this picture it makes me dream, look how it perfectly represents the person who seemed to be Jean-Michel Basquiat. He was a street artist that started in New York in the late 1970’s and evolved between neo-expressionism and primitivism. He managed to mix poetry, drawing and painting. Indeed, there is a fusion between text and image in his works that is really particular.

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When Basquiat was alive, he was friend with some of the most notables artists as Andy Warhol, but his own art was not that famous. Yet, like a lot of artists we can notice a renewed-interest for his work since his death and this, in all areas ! Actually, we can find books about him, movies, documentaries and for the most coquettish ones… Fake nails with reproductions of his paintings ! Yay, Jean-Michel Basquiat is everywhere, even in the strangest collaborations and I’ve always been really happy with it because he completely deserves it. However, my gladness left as quickly as it came when I saw that :

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In 2010, it was the turn of Rebook. The famous brand of sneakers decided to make a tribute to Basquiat for a Winter limited collection and oh god, the reebok stuff was so distasteful. Really, to make some ugly sneakers for running, write Basquiat on it and saying it’s a tribute ? Please. I can’t see any tribute to any form of art in that. When I saw this featuring I thought Basquiat should never be next to Rebook or any other brand ever.

Of course, brands have been continuing to want Basquiat next to them. Fortunately the last one is a brand I appreciate a lot.

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Supreme is also a streetwear brand but surely more corresponding to the idea of the art of Basquiat, which is a good news because they confirmed they have now the rights to use the imagery of the artist for a new line… T-shirts, sweatshirts, button-downs and hats will be released in Spring/Summer 2013.

Stay tuned, we just have to wait few months and in 2013, we’ll (hopefully) hang out in style !

Time to prowl !

Prowlster is LIVE !

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If you still don’t know this new online magazine based on fashion and lifestyle, you will not delay to know it because this website is amazing and innovative. There are a lot of online magazine but I want you to answer this : Have you ever wanted to buy something while surfing through a magazine ? And do you remember how it is boring (and sometimes difficult!) to find this item you could die for on internet ? Well, Prowlster is the solution to all your troubles about it because the little genius who created this website have thought to insert a function permitting the lector to buy the item he wants to just by clicking on it, no kidding ! Finally, Prowlster make all the hard work for us, when clicking, it directly redirect us to the purchase page of the desired product. And tadaaa the shoes of your dreams are within your reach (with sometimes great promotions on them!). Magic, isn’t it ?

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And if it is not surprising this site promises to be so nice, it’s because these geniuses are not novices in the field. In fact, the McGinn sisters who are the head of Prowlster are also already working for another website : What Will I Wear Today. It is also a fashion and lifestyle magazine but the McGinn sisters by creating Prowlster wanted to go further and make something new with this new function.

I realized there is not enough creative things happening in Dublin, which is why I think this magazine is a great idea because in addition to the buy it now function, Prowlster is not only interested in Fashion in the countries famous for that. I mean there are also a lot of good plans on what is going on in Ireland. It’s still in Beta at the moment but if you take a look at the website you’ll already notice the team make us discover Irish people with fresh and edgy ideas. There are a lot of contributors and bloggers who are covering topics that can go from great Irish electronic producers,  through the best places to shop in Dublin until even posts including Streetstyle pictures taken all around the country ! All that is made in a platform with a cute design and a charming read.

As you might have understand, I love discovering new things, which fits well with this site… And do you know what’s the best about all this ? I’m involved into Prowlster, and so glad to be a part of the adventure !

For all these reasons, you should take a look at this website and tell me know how it goes. Then, if you like it, you can receive news feeds from the magazine everyday through Twitter or Facebook.

So, wanna start prowling ?

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